GameN is the first HTML5-based mobile game portal service in Korea. It has been providing game services since 2005 and is a global site in the era of globalization, including Korea, the United States, China, Japan, Vietnam, and Russia. You can establish various publishing partnerships with HTML5 games created by your company.


  • 구글
  • 마이크로소프트
  • 메타
  • 삼성
  • 네이버
  • 카카오
  • sk텔레콤
  • kt
  • 캐시워크
  • 해피포인트
  • 오케이캐쉬백
  • 엘포인트
  • 국민은행
  • 우리은행
  • nc소프트
  • 아이템매니아
  • 이토랜드
  • sk증권

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